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Ever wonder how to test the page layout of your internet site when the page is merely a conception and the content is not yet created? All you need to do is use your temporary text that can simulate the definite content in order to know how to calibrate your page layout correctly. Bible Ipsum offers to generate this text in your language in order to test the readability of the page.

Generating text

Choose the type of text and the number of elements.

What do you want to get? to generate :   

You can also enter the specific url, for example: index.php?choix=paragraphe&nombre=3&balise=0&aleatoire=0
The parameters are: (balise, aleatoire, langue and design are optional)

More about Bible Ipsum

Our goal is to help webdesigners accomplish quality work by allowing them to visualize the final product of their webcreation. Of course, many webmasters know Lorem Ipsum, for non-semantic text in latin, which allows you to avoid using repetitive text (for example "This is a sentence. This is a sentence. This is a sentence..." or "Blablabla blablablabla blablabla..."). However, we were disappointed with the commercial use of the texts used and by the limited functionality of some the generators of Lorem Ipsum. Our desire with Bible Ipsum is to recreate the original spirit of such a text representing a free web, accessible to all in agreement with the W3C.

Therefore, we have chosen a text that which exists in all languages and represents a world heritage: the Psalms. The Psalms are poems, prayers and songs that are collected in the Bible. Using biblical texts was a guarantee of finding copyright-free translations in all languages. The language is important. Jakob Nielsen, expert in website and program readability suggests carefully reading a text in order to check for readability; this is impossible if the text used is gibberish, which you find on the site Lorem Ipsum. The English Bible translation used is the American Standard Version of the Holly Bible (ASV), copyright-free.

In order to conceptualize this site, we used PHP language to generate text with a maximum of possible options and to manage languages and designs, adding a touch of Javascript revitalize the whole. As for the design, we used XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS 2.0 languages, following the advice of the W3C.

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